Mold Remediation and Inspection


Mold in your home or business can cause an awful odor. Mold consists of micro organisms that release gases that cause the smell to emanate from any moist regions of your home. The micro organisms can be extremely hazardous to your health. The mold can also cause damage to your home or business.

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If you disturb mold you can release mold spores that can move through your location and become present in other places of your home or business. To deal with this problem the work needs to be performed by a trained professional.

Arid Pro has a trained staff that can conduct the remediation in a professional manner. This will limit the possibility for further infection of other parts of your location. First our trained staff will determine all the affected areas. We do this by using moisture detection equipment so that we can try to find all possible places the mold may be hiding. Once the scope of the infection has been determined we have specialized mold removal equipment.

Mold Service

                Assessment and Survey

                Mold Removal

                Decontaminate Areas

                Mold Spore Control

                Identify Black Mold

                Remediate Areas

                Water Removal

                Equipment Use

                All Products Environmental Safe

                Anti-Microbial and Anti-Fungal Treatments


Mold Inspection

We have trained inspectors that will come to your location to determine the types of mold you may have. The samples that we take will be taken with the greatest care. We disturb the least amount of material we can so we may prevent the spread of mold spores. There is all kinds of health problems mold can cause, most people experience breathing and allergy problems. Extended exposure can cause long term effects.



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