Lead Abatement


Lead is one of the seven metals of antiquity. Its discovery has been traced to the development of processes for metal refining. The finding of the precious metal (silver) as an impurity in lead ore resulted in a surge in the mining of lead ore.

Archaeologists have found lead pigments on buildings built around 3000 B.C. The color is still easy to see after 5000 years. This quality of lead pigments helps explain one of the reasons it was used as an additive in paint for centuries.

There are many ways that children and adults can become exposed. The most common way is when lead-based paint becomes weathered, chipped, peeled, or been removed from painted surfaces. This is a potential hazard when it contaminates.

                Soil in residential yards and other play areas

                Dust inside houses, to especially when dust is accessible to children

                Sidewalks, alleys, streets and parking lots.

Other pigments, such as red lead and litharge, were also used in some household paint. Most of these other pigments produced were, and still are, used in industrial paints and ceramic.

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We have an experienced staff to remove all your lead contaminated material. This is an extensive procedure to carry out this kind of work. There are also many regulations that must be followed. We are licensed by the Georgia EPD to conduct this kind of work.



If you conduct any remodeling on your home baseboard removal, window replacement, painting, re-flooring, wall paper removal, and many other types of work to your home please have a qualified inspector assess your home before you begin the work. The date that is suggested by the EPA is pre-1978 but there could have been paint used for many years after this date. If Arid  Pro can help you in anyway please give us a call.


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