Fire and Smoke Damage


To endure a fire in your home or business is emotionally upsetting. You have many valuable things some that will be irreplaceable. We at Arid Pro share your pain we have helped many families cope with their loss. Sometimes the damage is so extensive the only solution is demolition. We hope that is not the case. The demolition material must always be controlled. We can handle the demolition process for you this can be a hard thing to endure. We will assess your location to determine the best plan of action. We have many ways to deal with damaged properties.

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Arid Pro is a full service fire and smoke damage cleanup company. We have state of the art equipment and many different processes to deal with damaged properties. We have equipment that can remove smoke odor in all kinds of material. Smoke mixed with water and other materials can be unhealthy and dangerous. We have a trained staff that can assess the different types of damage and can advise a solution.

Fire Services

            Assessment and Inspection of Structure

                Smoke Removal

                Removal of Personal Property

                Contents restoration

                Odor Removal

                Smoke is Acidic Must be Removed from Surfaces

                Remove all other Items

                Must Secure Location

                Set Up Location to Deodorize Clothing


We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer instant response. We will come to your location to handle all your restoration needs. Mold can also become a problem when water is involved so we will assess this along with the fire damage.

We deal directly with all major insurance companies. This helps to lower your stress level during this time of need. We hope that you will allow us to help you through your time of need. We feel that you will be 100% satisfied we our completion of work. Again we are sorry for your loss.


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Thank You from the ARID PRO TEAM