Asbestos Abatement


Asbestos Basic Facts

Asbestos was used in a wide variety of materials. It is found in more than 3000 products worldwide.

Most asbestos materials that were installed are still in place. There was never a specific regulation to remove all materials.

A number of major asbestos containing material (ACM) were banned, but there are still many asbestos products legally on the market today.

Asbestos is not like some chemicals. There are no immediate health effects. Those that are affected by asbestos will not notice affects for years.

Asbestos has been mined all over the world, including US, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and former USSR. It is still mined in all but the US. Ancient human evidence finds uses of asbestos since early civilization.

The most widely usage of asbestos was fireproofing, thermal insulation, acoustical insulation, condensate control, decoration, and strengthening. Surfacing material, fireproofing and acoustical ceilings are the most dangerous in your home. Also pipe insulation TSI thermal insulation maybe found in some homes. The removal of floor tiles can cause lots of dust. This dust could contain ACM so if you start to do work on your home please make sure you have a trained professional assess your location before you begin.

We have a trained staff that can remove all the asbestos material. Then we spray encapsulate to trap all remaining fibers. So you can feel safe about returning to your home or business.

We know the correct procedures on how to remove ACM’s to provide to best protection possible. The procedures are outlined by the EPA and must be followed to the letter. Please understand that this is for your protection and the protection of the workers that are conducting the work.

Alert Alert Alert

Please be advised that asbestos is not something to take light hearted. It is a very hazardous material and should be handled with great care. Also you must make sure and dispose of it correctly. It has to go to an approved land fill and must be identified to the landfill so there workers want be exposed to the material. We have the staff to take care of your needs pertaining to asbestos. We hope you will allow experienced people to remove the products from your home or business.


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